Traffic Offenses

Ticket Instructions

If you have received a City of Sheridan traffic ticket, it will have either Box A or Box B checked on the front. On the back of the ticket are specific instructions for each box. The instructions are as follows:

Box A - Pleading Guilty

If Box A is checked, and you wish to plead guilty and receive the point reduction:

  1. Sign and date the "Waiver of Rights and Plea of Guilty" area on the back bottom portion of your ticket
  2. Mail with full payment by check or money order to the Court

Payment must be received in the Court Clerk's office no later than 4:30 pm the Court business day before your court appearance date, listed on the front of your ticket.

Box A - Appearing in Court

If Box A is checked but you wish to appear in Court:

  1. Arrive on the Municipal Court date at the time noted on your summons
  2. Have a parent or guardian present if you are under 18 years of age
  3. Check in to the court and then speak to the prosecuting attorney if you wish
  4. Listen to the judge advise you of your rights
  5. Pay fines and costs at the time they are imposed by the court or ask for a stay of execution (extension of time)

Box B

View instructions to follow if Box B is checked on your ticket.

Failing to Act

If you fail to take one of the actions listed for either Box A or Box B, you will be subject to certain consequences. View more about the consequences of failing to act.

Photo Radar & Red Light

If you have received a notice of violation from photo radar or a red light, please go here.