River Point Public Improvement Project

Public Improvement Project

The City of Sheridan and the Sheridan Redevelopment Agency partnered with Weingarten Realty to redevelop the River Point at Sheridan location. A Public Improvement Fee (PIF) of 1% was established to pay for the public improvements at River Point. These improvements included:

  • Environmental remediation
  • Open space and trails
  • Public roads and bridges
  • Public street lighting
  • Regional stormwater, water quality, and protection
  • Utility infrastructure

The Public Improvement Fee is specifically a fee and not a tax; therefore it becomes a part of the overall costs of the sales and / or service and is subject to sales tax. Items or services normally exempt from sales tax imposed by the State of Colorado, Arapahoe County, or the City of Sheridan are subject to Public Improvement Fees and are required to submit a Public Improvement Fee Return Form (PDF).

Additional Project Information

For a more specific detail of the Improvement Fee or about the River Point at Sheridan project, contact the Finance Department at 303-762-2200.