Crisis Support

As a victim of one of the crimes listed, you may be entitled to:

  • Immediate crisis intervention and follow-up support
  • Special services for juvenile, elderly, or victims with disabilities
  • Referral to public and private organizations that provide:
    • Financial services
    • Information about obtaining public records, including police reports
    • Information about protective orders
    • Intervention with creditors, landlords, and employers
    • Legal services
    • Medical and other emergency services
    • Mental health and social services
    • Rehabilitative services
    • Supplemental support services
    • Translation services
    • Transportation and child care services
    • Other support services

Depending upon the circumstances, you may also qualify for financial assistance from the Victim Compensation Fund. For additional information on any of these support services, contact the Victim's Assistance Unit at 303-438-3342.