Sheridan Homelessness Initiative

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The City of Sheridan is part of the Tri-Cities Homelessness Policy Group. The group is a team of public officials and non-profit organizations who are committed to addressing homelessness in Littleton, Englewood, and Sheridan. Since these three cities boarder each other, the three regions come together to collaborate on regional issues associated with homelessness.

Tri-Cities Homelessness Action Plan

In the summer of 2021, the Tri-Cities Homelessness Plan of Action was approved. This plan is designed to be implemented in phases over the next three years and offers research findings and strategies to help reduce the impact of homelessness on both an individual level and on a community.

Strategies are organized into four themes:

  • Building a strong foundation/ governance structure.
  • Developing a system for single adults experiencing homelessness.
  • Developing a system for families experiencing homelessness.
  • Developing workforce training programs.

View the Tri-Cities Homelessness Plan of Action (PDF)

Local Resources

The City of Sheridan has a weekly operating food pantry and nearby resource centers in neighboring jurisdictions to help with food and health access. The map below provides locations to resources for human services needs and assistance.